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Practising Voice on Stage
From Training to Vocal Performance

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We are three PhD students in theatre, loving art and music and convinced that it is important, in the contemporary research field to link together practice and theory when it comes to discussing the notion of voice and its consequences for its training amongst actors and its results in theatrical aesthetics.

Marcus Borja

Marcus Borja is a PhD student in theater at the University Paris III and the University of Sao Paulo with Joseph Danan and Silvia F. Telesi and a PhD student at SACRe (ENS/CNSAD) with Jean-François Dusigne. He is an actor, a stage director, a musician, and a choral director. He was trained at the Ecole Jacques Lecoq, the ESAD and the Conservatoire National Supérieur d'Art Dramatique de Paris. He also has a MA degree in Art History and Museology from the Ecole du Louvre. He directs several workshops of vocal and theatre techniques. He recently published Du collectif au collaboratif : tendances et évolutions de l'écriture scénique au pluriel in Les collectifs dans les arts vivants depuis 1980, directed by Raphaëlle Doyon and Guy Freixe (Entretemps editions, 2014)


Chloé Larmet

She is a PhD student in theatre at the Univeristy of Picardie-Jules Verne with Christophe Bident, and teaches there the History of Theatre Staging in the 20th century. Her research deals with contemporay theatre and the notions of body, voice, and enunciation, in the aesthetics of the stage directors Christoph Marthaler, Claude Régy, Anatoli Vassiliev, and Krystian Lupa. She published various papers, specifically for the French revue Théâtre/Public : "Le visage vocal" and "Guy Cassiers : les images entravées" (with Christophe Bident), and a paper for the Textuel edition dedicated to Dans la solitude des champs de coton by Bernard-Marie Koltès, "Si vous marchez dehors...", published in July of 2014.


Ana Wegner

She is a PhD student in theatre at the University Paris VIII with Jean-François Dusigne, along with the Univeristy Sao Paulo with José Batista Dal Farra Martins. Her work is financed by the CAPES, a Brazilian coordination. She is working on the teaching of voice in theatre. Recently, she published "A vox em exposicao" (The Voice Exhibited) in the Brazilian revue of theatre arts for its edition dedicated to the voice. She is also an actress and has a degree in Teaching for the Theatre Arts. She directed many workshops both in Brazil and in France.

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A project Labex Arts-H2H