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Practising Voice on Stage
From Training to Vocal Performance


A first version of the program of the symposium is now available.

The symposium will connect together practice and theory based on the three lines of research we chose


1- Shaping One's Voice : techniques, training, transmission

2- Voice and New Technologies :  amplifying, numerizing, synthesizing

3- Voice on Stage : aesthetics, creations, experiences


(For more informations, see Call for papers)


Each day will offer the following :

- two simultaneous workshops, lasting 3 hours, and directed by international vocal trainer, such as Maria Thais de Lima Santos, Francesca della Moniva, Jorge Parente (the full list is still pending)

- a conference to start the afternoon, lasting 1 hour, by a guest speaker specialized in voice : Helga Finter and Marco de Marinis (the full list is still pending)

- oral presentations of 30 minutes (see call for paper)

- a panel discussion gathering artists and scientits


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A project Labex Arts-H2H